ImageI had a visit from a cousin today. I hadn’t see her in years. While it was a lovely visit and I was super happy to see her, all I could think was…Ugh…my house looks disgusting. The counter was piled high with crap I have yet to move to it’s proper place, the desk looks the same, my floors were strewn with toys, and the counters hadn’t been washed yet today. It looks like a mad house in here and my children weren’t faring much better. The only person out of pajamas was Scott. And my two older toddlers weren’t wearing pants or underwear… I’m not sure if we could have looked like worse parents; TLC here we come.

When the door bell rang I groaned and thought, ‘block the view of the house when you answer, Scott, so no one sees the state the house is in’. I think this often. Why? Don’t I clean? Every God damned day people. But when you have three busy toddlers it will never truly be up to snuff for drop in visitors. I do chores in stages; I clean in short bursts. I do the dishes, and sweep the floors, then I lounge about, talk with the hubby or play with the kids, check Facebook or Twitter. Then I get up and wash the floors, or fold laundry and throughout the day I get everything clean but it’s not exactly in a timely fashion. And by the time I finish the last chore I have to start all over again.

So I lied through my teeth and said,”The house doesn’t usually look like this”.  Let me just say it right now. Get it out of the way.


ImageYes my house usually looks like a bomb went off. Clutter people. CLUTTER. It’s everywhere. I cannot help it. We have a clutter issue with toys, and books, and movies, and jackets that don’t get hung up. We have bills, and junk mail, diaper boxes and random pieces of discarded clothing laying about. It’s generally quite clean under this mess but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.

And to top it off do you think I could control the psychoticness of my children? HA! They were like little balls of energy spinning to and fro, bouncing off the walls, and tantruming. Yes…great impression we made I’m sure. But I promise…

“It’s not usually like this…”