My father was born with an Arteriovenous Malformation of the temporal lobe. Essentially he had a group of malformed veins in the left side of his brain that caused aneurysms to form, burst and need to be operated on. He received this operation back in 1977. Before the operation he had one profound and distinct talent – one that us writers in the blogosphere will recognize. He had a real talent for the written word.

After the brain surgery he found his love for language had not diminished but his ability to write had been impacted. He could no longer keep a coherent train of thought going for much longer than a paragraph or two. With a short-term memory that damaged he almost gave up on writing completely. Until he stumbled upon poetry. The cadence and sing-song quality of a poem ensured that he could remember his place in his writing, that he could keep a story moving forward.

This is the first thing he wrote after his brain surgery – his mother framed it and I have now inherited it.

Paint Me

Paint me a story
of a person with a smile

Paint me a friendship
let me hold it for a while

Paint me a memory
of the feelings we did share

Paint me a love song
That tells me how you care

Paint me the universe
So everyone may see

And on the day
That we must leave
Paint Me.

-Kevin Middleton