I haven’t written for a long time. Words just seem so damn trite lately. There’s always so much to say when you have nothing to talk about, but not a word gets written when the issues are too big…

This world is not good enough.

I’m not trying to be philosophical or revelatory. It’s just the truth. I’m raising children in a society that believes life is about credit and advances. That always hopes for a better future while destroying the present. It’s a world filled-up with throw-aways; nothing lasts forever, so nothings built to last. My children live in a world of new decay.

Should I teach them to change the world? I’m not convinced it’s possible. I think it has always been like this. I’m just no longer filled with the ignorance of youth. But goddamned. I want better for my kids. I want a world without environmental destruction and a place they can be safe. I want a world without violent corruption and a life that, above all, is filled with happiness. I want what any parent wants. I want better for my children.

This world is not good enough for them and it pisses me off.