The stillness teases me.
I am ashamed to be relieved.
As small as you are, you run
me ragged.

I am your everything, for now.
A voice of concern.
a sleeve for your tears,
an audience for life.

Darkness is a welcome acquaintance
My weary motherhood craves
her appearance.
I sit and revel in the silence.
I remember now. The girl in me.

I seek out inspiration. Free at last.
My mind, no longer filled with a million tasks
does not wander far.
Love intrudes rudely on the quiet
it’s voice resonates
and I am propelled into action.

The lighted hall guides me forward.
My hand turns the knob,
A wailing protest arises from its hardware.
I wince, but do not falter.

I step from the light into the dark,
and gaze at your sleeping forms.
The stillness insists appreciation
of my weary motherhood.